Learning with Miacademy

Here at Journeys in Education, we are fixated on the well-rounded development of kids.  We are a group of educators and parents.  As a team, we educate youths through educational websites, video games and apps.. Between us, we have celebrated academic, athletic and personal highs with our children and walked with them through peer pressure, learning and family struggles.  We have juggled the demands of family life and waved as our independent young adults have headed off to college. We are excited to share our experiences with parents and educators around the world in the hopes that together we can all start a meaningful conversation on the well-being of the next generation.  We invite you to join our conversation.  

We encourage you to browse around this Journeys in Education site.  You might want to start with our ideas on “What Makes a Well-Rounded Child”.  

We also welcome you to check out our educational websites for boys (Clever Dragons) and girls (Always Icecream).

Clever Dragons                                    Always Icecream